Private courses

Interested in hosting a curated modern etiquette class or workshop for your organization? Maggie Oldham offers private courses for your company, organization, or social group.

See a list of course descriptions or inquire about a custom-designed private etiquette course.


private dining etiquette course

This 2.5-hour course covers all aspects of American and European dining etiquette and table manners. Learn how to add that extra polish while dining in an upscale setting, attending client dinners, interacting with dignitaries and heads of state, and more social situations.

Participants will learn the art of formal and business dining while enjoying a 2-course or 3-course lunch or dinner with optional wine pairings (for 21+). Topics include:

  • Understanding the protocol for all courses of upscale dining

  • How to be a polished and elegant dinner guest

  • Responsibilities of an outstanding dinner host

  • Navigating utensils, glassware, and table settings

  • American and European dining styles

  • Do's and don'ts of eating specific foods

  • Ordering and pairing wine

  • Special considerations for fancy restaurants, upscale loungers, and country clubs


private social etiquette course

This 1.5-hour course teaches participants how to become perfectly polished and navigate sophisticated social situations with confidence.

Topics include:

  • How to carry oneself with elegance, confidence, and sophistication

  • Modern social etiquette expectations

  • Body language tips and tricks

  • Dressing for time, place, and occasion

  • How to make lasting introductions between friends, colleagues, and clients

  • How to make a memorable and appropriate toast

  • Practical tips for handling food and drinks at a cocktail party


private business etiquette course

This 2-hour course is designed for recent graduates, interns, and entry-level business professionals.

Topics include:

  • Dress to Impress – Presenting a professional image through dress code

  • Corporate Conduct – Behavioral expectations for a corporate environment; conducting oneself professionally with both internal and external clients; the importance of body language

  • Professional Communication – Making lasting positive impressions through business greetings, introductions, and small talk



This unique and proprietary course is one of the most requested and popular! This business and networking etiquette course teaches participants how to walk into any corporate or social situation and strike up a conversation with anyone. Learn how to make correct business introductions, break the ice, and engage others in conversation. This course is designed for all people in all levels of all professions!

Topics include:

  • How to effortlessly talk to anyone in any situation

  • Proper social and business introductions

  • How to break the ice without the awkwardness

  • How to effortlessly keep a conversation flowing and transition to deeper topics

  • How to engage people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities in conversation


Custom-Designed Courses

If you are interested in a fully customized modern etiquette experience, please inquire below. Maggie Oldham can curate a unique etiquette course entirely suited to your interests and needs.