Summer Etiquette Mistakes – And How to Fix Them!

Summer is in full swing, and the modern etiquette coach is here to share some simple summer etiquette mistakes – and how to fix them! I got to speak about my favorite summer etiquette mistakes as a guest etiquette expert on FOX! Check out the video below, or keep scrolling for a recap of some dont’s for summer etiquette!

Summer Etiquette Mistake #1: Wearing flip-flops to the office!

While sandals may be acceptable office footwear, flip flops are not! The main difference? The sound that flip flops make. It’s distracting and annoying! The modern etiquette coach says… “If you’re going to wear sandals, make sure you’re feet are presentable and do not have an odor!”

Summer Etiquette Mistake #2: Getting sloppy with your BBQ sauce!

Just because we’re dining outside, doesn’t mean we should forget our table manners! A huge etiquette “don’t” is licking barbecue sauce off of your fingers! Also, keep your napkin in your laps – never tucked into the collar of your shirt! To prevent ketchup and mustard mishaps, sit up straight and lean over your plate. With school out of session, this is a great time to incorporate etiquette lessons into your child’s life by modeling proper behavior.

Summer Etiquette Mistake #3: Not watching where you spray and shake!

Before spraying insect repellent or sunscreen, step away from other people! No one likes a gust of wind-blown bug-spray in their face! The same goes for beach towels – before you shake the sand off, make sure it is not going to blow onto someone else!

Summer Etiquette Mistake #4: Playing your music outdoors!

At crowded outdoor picnics, concerts (think Concert on the Prairie, or Concerts on the Canal!), and public pools, it is not your privilege to play DJ! Even music played on your phone can project to fellow picnic goers and pool patrons. Understand that not everyone shares your same taste in music! The etiquette expert says… Either skip the music all together, or keep it confined to personal headphones.

Summer Etiquette Mistake #5: Wearing any variation of white to a wedding!

You know the old adage, you can only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day. With summer being peak wedding season, might as well wear that ivory-colored dress that’s been hiding in your closet all winter, right? Wrong! It’s still terrible etiquette to wear any variation of white (even cream!) to a wedding. The modern etiquette coach says… Reserve that color for the bride!

Many thanks to FOX for having me as their guest etiquette expert!

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