Pool Party Etiquette – From LA to the Hamptons!

Summer is officially here, and whether you’re heading to LA, Las Vegas, or the Hamptons this year, don’t be a fish a out of water with bad pool party etiquette! Here’s my list of must-know modern etiquette tips for attending this summer’s hottest pool parties.

Tip #1: Include the essentials in a small pool bag.

Depending on the type of pool party and whether or not you’ve reserved chairs or a cabana (see tip #2!), you might not have a good place to leave a large pool bag, so only bring the bare essentials in a small bag. Some must-have items include sunscreen, lip balm with sunblock, and sunglasses. If you’re not already wearing one to the party, make sure to pack a T-shirt (for guys) and a swimsuit cover-up (for girls), as most hotels and clubs won’t let you inside in just trunks or a bikini.

Tip #2: Know the deal about reservations.

Some club and hotel pools have a reservation policy for chairs and cabanas. If you want to have a guaranteed place to lay out or party, call ahead and ask about reservations. When you arrive at the pool, look for signs that an area may be reserved (usually roped off or a sign with a last name), and if you don’t have a reservation, don’t sit there if you want to avoid the reservation walk of shame!

Tip #3: Respect the towels.

A nice little added luxury at club and hotel pools are the large and fluffy complimentary beach towels! When towels are left on a chair, it usually means that the chair is reserved or occupied for the time being. That means that the polite thing to do when leaving the pool for the day is to drop your used towel in the large bins on your way out to free up the chair for someone else.

Tip #4: Tip the pool boys (and girls!).

Make sure to tip the waitstaff, even if you order a non-alcoholic beverage. An appropriate tip for a server who brings beverages to your chair is 15% – 20%. For bottle service in a cabana, an appropriate tip is 20% – but check to see if it’s already included on the bill (as is almost always the case in Las Vegas).

Tip #5: Be conscious of space.

Before spaying sun screen, look around to make sure you’re not spraying the person next to you. And remember that not everyone shares your taste in music, so play music only in earshot of your area. Be considerate of your fellow pool party goers.

Stay cool and look hot this summer with these pool party etiquette tips!

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