Guest Bedroom Etiquette Tips

Does your guest bedroom pass the modern etiquette test? Spring is here and summer is just around the corner which means family vacations and visits from friends! If you’re planning to host out-of-town guests, make sure your guest bedroom is on point with these guest bedroom etiquette tips.

Tip #1: Clean the sheets AND duvet cover!

Clean sheets on the bed is an absolute necessity. Wash the sheets and make the bed a day or two before guests arrive. Even clean sheets can start to have a musty odor if left on the bed for too long. Many hosts neglect the duvet or comforter, which is just as important as the sheets. For easy cleaning, use a duvet cover over the comforter or duvet. Duvet covers can be easily removed and thrown in the wash (unlike the comforter which usually has to be taken to a dry cleaner).

Tip #2: Ensure that pillows are comfortable and fresh.

Before hosting any guests, do a quick odor and “feel” test on guest pillows. Pillows can trap dust and body odor over time, so take a whiff and make sure that the pillows smell fresh. Also, make sure the pillows actually feel good when you lay your head on them. If the pillows just aren’t comfortable and/or have an odor, toss them and replace with a new set.

Tip #3: Lay out extra blankets and towels.

No matter what the season, keep a couple of extra blankets folded and visible in the guest bedroom. Also, instead of keeping guest towels in the bathroom or linen closet, lay out fresh towels in the guest room. This will prevent any confusion or hunting around for towels – your guests will know that the towels are meant for their use. Each guest should be provided with a bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth.

Tip #4: Provide hooks or racks for towels and clothing.

If you don’t have a designated private guest bathroom, consider installing a couple of hooks or racks in the guest bedroom. It’s terrible etiquette to leave used towels draped over furniture, so provide your guests with a couple of easily visible options for hanging their towels. Functional hooks or racks could be installed on the back of the door, or more decorative options could be installed on the wall.

Tip #5: Have a nightstand with essentials.

A good guest bedroom should come with a nightstand (or two!). A nightstand – or bedside table – serves many purposes. It’s a place for guests to set down their phone and jewelry before bed, a place to keep a glass of water, and a place for a bedside reading lamp (no one likes having to get out of bed to turn off the light!). The guest bedroom nightstand should include – at the very minimum – a drink coaster and lamp. You might also consider leaving a basket with some other essentials, such as bottles of water, earplugs, and a box of tissues.

Tip #6: Clear the clutter.

If your guest bedroom also serves as a home office or playroom, make sure to tidy up and put away as many personal items as you can. Nothing kills the vibe of a guest bedroom more than a desk stacked with papers and clutter, or a bookshelf overflowing with toys. Invest in a few decorative boxes that can be placed under the desk or in a closet to temporarily store office items or children’s toys when hosting guests.

Tip #7: Add a few finishing touches.

Fresh flowers always make for a winning look, and a bowl of wrapped candy or snacks is sure to please!

Follow these etiquette tips to create a comfortable sanctuary for your guests! For a full house room-by-room checklist, check out my other blog post: Having Overnight or Out-of-Town Guests? Don’t Miss This Room-by-Room Host/Hostess Checklist!

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