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Maggie Oldham Etiquette at the Watergate Hotel

The iconic Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC is pleased announce a new series of etiquette classes with Maggie Oldham, Modern Etiquette Coach.

For more information and to register for a course, visit The Watergate Hotel.

Fall 2017 Schedule:

Thursday, November 16th: “Own the Room” Modern Social Etiquette

This social etiquette course teaches participants how to walk into any social or networking situation with confidence. Learn secrets on how to become the life of the party every time, while maximizing the opportunity to create social and business relationships.

At this event, sip champagne and learn:

  • How to walk into a social or networking event and be the life of the party
  • How to be that one person that everyone remembers at networking events
  • How to effortlessly talk to anyone in any social setting
  • Body language tricks for looking confident, assertive, and attractive at a party
  • How to make lasting introductions between friends, colleagues, and clients
  • How to make a memorable and appropriate toast
  • Practical tips for handling food and drinks at a cocktail party or buffet reception
  • Do’s and don’ts for planning and hosting a party

Tuesday, December 5th:  “Dining with Decorum” Business Dining Etiquette

This private dining etiquette course covers all aspects of American and European dining etiquette and table manners. This is a great introductory and refresher course for anyone looking to brush up on their dining etiquette! Great for business people who host and attend client dinners, politicians attending dinners with dignitaries and heads of state, and singles wanting to impress their dinner date. Also great for college students new graduates!

In this course, participants will learn the art of formal and business dining over a 3-course dinner with wine (for attendees 21+):

  • Learn exactly what to do in all stages and courses of upscale dining
  • Secret tips for becoming a gracious and elegant guest
  • Responsibilities of an outstanding dinner host
  • Navigating utensils, glassware, and table settings
  • Do’s and don’ts of eating specific foods
  • Ordering and pairing wine
  • Special considerations for fancy restaurants, upscale loungers, and country clubs


Coming up in 2018:

January 14th – “Manners and Mimosas” Social and Upscale Dining Etiquette

January 21st – Wedding Etiquette for The Modern Bride

February 11th – “Manners and Mimosas” Dining Etiquette

March 14th – “Own the Room” Modern Social Etiquette

April 12th – “The Science of Small Talk” Business and Networking Etiquette