8 January, 2018

Ask the Modern Etiquette Coach: How Do I Tell My Boyfriend About His LOUD Chewing?

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I love hearing your modern etiquette questions! Please send them to me here. Q: Hi Maggie, I'd like to ask your opinion on chewing loudly at meals. My boyfriend chews so loudly that it makes me not want  to be at the table with him. I just cant find words to tell him,"Hey, close your mouth [...]

25 October, 2017

Is That My Glass or Yours? How to Easily Navigate Glassware at the Table

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When there is a large group of people dining shoulder-to-shoulder at a table (think business dinner, wedding reception, birthday party), someone inevitably asks, “Is that my glass or yours?” Here are two tricks plus an etiquette tip to help you quickly and easily know whose glass is whose! The BMW Trick A quick way to [...]

3 August, 2017

The Correct Etiquette for Eating Bread

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No carb-free diets here! I love warm, freshly baked bread. It's so simple, so satisfying. Bread is a mainstay at most Western meals and is typically served prior to, or during, the first course. Knowing the correct etiquette for eating bread is a basic test of dining etiquette knowledge. In fact, I know whether or [...]

11 November, 2016

How to Host Your First Thanksgiving

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There’s nothing I love more than hosting dinners and parties (and dinner parties!). Last year, Kevin and I were dating long-distance and he was planning to spend Thanksgiving in LA with me. I had also just closed on my condo a month before (and threw an awesome Fall Housewarming Party) so it was the perfect [...]

16 March, 2015

How to Make a Great Toast

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(Check out the video here!) There are so many opportunities to make a great toast... weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, BBQs, bachelorette parties... the list goes on! Here are some quick tips for making an eloquent and memorable toast! Tip #1: The host makes the toast! It is the responsibility of the host or hostess [...]

9 March, 2015

How to Approach a Celebrity at a Restaurant

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(Check out the video here!) You're at the hottest new restaurant and you see your favorite celebrity. This is your chance - don’t blow it! Here’s what you need to know before approaching your Hollywood crush. #1: Timing is so important. Don’t approach the celebrity right when they sit down, when their food comes, or [...]

2 February, 2015

6 Criteria to Consider When Picking a Restaurant for a Client Dinner

By | 2016-11-06T11:40:31+00:00 February 2nd, 2015|Business Etiquette, Dining Etiquette|3 Comments

A good client dinner should make all parties (you/your team and your client/client’s team) feel relaxed and comfortable. Regardless of how much business is actually discussed, here are 6 considerations to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time. Criteria #1: Make sure the restaurant can reserve a table for you. It’d be a disaster to show up [...]

5 August, 2014

Don’t Be THAT Guy With Your Napkin

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Whether paper or cloth or some other material (kitchen towels at a BBQ joint, even), napkins can make or break your image in the eyes of your dining companions. If you’ve ever eaten with an associate who is not brushed up on his etiquette, most likely his napkin was a large part of the problem. [...]

12 April, 2014

One Piece of Parking Advice

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You’re having an important meeting with a new business client at your office. Sweet. You’ve had your assistant send out a professional e-mail with all the details. Sweet. Client comes into the meeting five minutes late, in a sweat, and seems stressed. Not sweet. What happened? We’ve all been there. You’re tight on time between [...]